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(Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing)

This is one of the best evidence-based practice to reduce or even eliminate the symptoms associated with trauma and PTSD. Trauma-related symptoms may include flashbacks and nightmares, avoidance, drug use, shame, guilt and self-blame, anger, fear, exaggerated startle response, difficulty sleeping and depression and anxiety. I feel honored to be trusted with your painful experiences. I find joy in helping you heal. For more information about EMDR please go to the National EMDR website:

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Supportive Friend

Sex Therapy

Sex positive, Pleasure-based, Gender-Affirming Queer Therapy


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(Emotionally-Focused Individual Therapy)

Emotion-Focused Individual Therapy understands that the most important people in our life, our family, friends, and intimate partners are more than just temporary relationships. EFIT is based on attachment science, which states that relationships are vital to our self-esteem, our happiness, and even our survival. Interdependent relationships, not codependent or hyperindividualistic dynamics, create happy healthy humans. Our emotions lead us to knowledge and wisdom about how to get our wants and needs met, or what to do when we cannot get what we want and need. EFIT can heal relationships and give us greater compassion.

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